New Music – Daughters Of The Unforgiven ‘If It Wasn’t For Rock and Roll’

If you love rock and roll then this track is your heart song. It champions the old school gut punching force of the classic rock and roll anthem with an honesty and passion that will bring you to your knees at the altar of the almighty power chord.

Vocally the Daughters Of The Unforgiven serve up some serious gravelly growl. It wails and it screams but it also has this softer and more sincere poetry in the delivery. You can tell these are some vocal chords that have been liberally shredded belting out song after song with everything they have on the live circuit. You can sit back and marvel at the pure and raw beauty of it.

Lyrically it’s a list poem, and the song is one that will stick in the head with the chanting quality of it. It spends as much time heaping praise on the rock and roller lifestyle as it does mentioning some of the less glamorous sides of it. It’s brutally open and very honest song writing.

The riff is fairly simple but sleazily intoxicating. It’s an old-school hair metal love ballad at it’s heart but instead of being about a boy or a girl this one turns its amorous attentions to music itself. It’s a nice twist and makes for something a little bit different. The musicianship behind it is playing it’s own love song by paying homage to what came before and giving it a slight modern punk twist.

The track begins by isolating the drums and it’s clear to see why, they have that “clap, clap, arms open to the heavens” vibe to them. Bringing to mind classic anthems in the Queen, Aerosmith, or Motley Crue motif.

There is no posturing or ego in this track, it’s simple, masterful, and confident. The guitars sing, but not obnoxiously, the drums have power, but don’t abuse it, the vocals and lyrics are honest, raw, and very pure. This is a band that have tapped in to the ferocious energy of the classic rock and roll anthem and spit it with added venom in the face of the modern day mainstream.

Words by Matt Miles.

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