New Music – The People Versus ‘Again and Again’ Single Review

This is folk music pumped through a pop prism lens, the dazzling brilliance of its passionate heart dances an enchanting, ethereal, effervescence with the giddy dizzy fizz of its fantastical fractal flavors.

With the captivating creativity of Kate Bush and the silken soaring vocals to match, The People Versus have built a sound that is at home on the stage as it is in an art gallery. They take the oaken wood structures of traditional folk and smoke those ancient beams in the fireside fables of a festival field to carefully construct something divinely new in holy homage.

The track begins with a powerful swell of twinkling instrumentation. As this subsides it reveals some of the individual instruments that make up that cohesive and concrete wall of sound. The weaving of the song is intricately layered and every listen reveals another aspect of the awe-inspiring artisanal craftsmanship of the production and the musicians themselves.

The vocals hit with a stunning force that will take your breath away as they effortlessly glide atop the track’s grooving peaks and dizzying dives. Passionate and primal, they navigate the full extent of their range with expertise and excellence so rare as to be honestly humbling.

It would be easy to get lost in the pure joy of this sonic bliss but if you can snap yourself out of that dreamlike reverie for long enough to listen to the lyrics they are every bit as lovingly lavished with attentive skill and poetic punch. The song is a Shakespearian epic that speaks of an eternal love that can transcend time and fragile mortal form.

The People Versus make folk music that retains the bewitching spell of age-old magics, played with the enchanting electricity and heady intoxicating flavors of an entirely new brew.

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