New Music – Monsters & Motherships ‘Tiger Nebula’

The track begins in the sci-fi noir synth sound of a bar in the Blade Runner universe. It isn’t long before the hardcore cyber punk element comes crashing through the door of the club and making a ruckus with aggressive riffs and serious prog power. This is a band that make cosmic horror seem like a daydream, it’s beautiful, it’s out of this world, and you can’t help but nod your head in trancelike obedience.

New Music – Pedestrian Lifestyle ‘Nocturnal Sea’

The song begins with a ghostly choir before it’s joined by the fae jingling bell of guitar and the sharp crisp clip of the drums. Throughout the song there is the continuation of this siren-like pitched wailing vocal chorus. The track has an ethereal and dreamlike quality that resonates at a primordial level that gets the listeners hair to stand on edge. It’s exciting, atmospheric, and a little bit magical.

New Music – Cosmic Crooner ‘Popsicle Place’

Who is the Cosmic Crooner? An international spy and man of mystery? An intergalactic alien trying to ingratiate himself to the human race through beautiful homage to the music of the 60s and 70s? A pin up model hired to play face to an aged Bond movie music composer looking to revive his career? Whatever or whoever he is we’re very happy to sip slurp a sluice of his retro pop juice.