Bedford River Festival Review

The River Festival in Bedford is a bi-annual celebration of the town’s river, one which is now the second largest carnival in the UK, behind Notting Hill. Before we delve into the story of the river festival, let us just take into consideration that Bedford had a murder rate per capita last year that exceeded…


Rambling Rich: Mosquitoes and race riots

At some point, Matt is going to write me a politely worded E-Mail that basically alludes to him telling me to stop sending him hate mail. Once again, he wakes up to find the badly (scratch that, read un-) edited ramblings of a beer fueled lunatic screaming vengeance at him via poor writing software such as…


Featured Artist Friday: Jacky Bastek

Jacky picks at guitar strings like she sold her soul to the devil, she then delicately laces vocals over the top filled with so much passion and heart you don’t get too suspicious. You could spend hours staring at the intricate work that is going on at the tips of her fingers, she plays percussion, rhythm and melody all simultaneously.


Referflection: One Man’s Musings

Fuck. Fuck. Firstly because this computer is on. I promised myself that if the computer wasn’t on I wouldn’t bother opening it up and typing this on it. Fuck again becuase I have to use notepad, and despite extoling it’s virtues to a good friend just hours ago, I now rue the day I ever…


Yack Does Politics: The EU Referendum

Pubs, bus stops and street corners across the nation are murmuring with the unhushed buzz of the EU Referendum. Everyone has an opinion and for the most part they are incredibly keen to share that with you; it’s unavoidable. Here’s ours:


Badbury Rings Rewind Review

What set Badbury Rings Rewind apart for us, was the overwhelming sense of family and familiarity. The heart that was poured into putting this all together is still live and beating in the chest of the site and everyone was giddily dancing along to that pulsing rhythm.