Boomtown Review 2016

  Boomtown well and truly blew our minds and then sent the pieces spinning off into space. We’ve had the time necessary to collect them all and now we’re busy gluing back together those shattered shards into something that vaguely resembles a functioning human. The real world is a sharp shock after you’ve been immersed so heavily…

Fat Freddy's Drop 1

Fat Freddys Drop Boomtown Interview

The Boomtown press office was kind enough to provide us with some lovely interviews with some of the headlining acts at this years festival, we are not going to pass it off as our own work as we just don’t get down like that. But seeings as Fat Freddys Drop are one of the acts…

boomyack 001

Boomtown Chapter 8

As I begin to pack my grubby little knapsack full of the essential trappings necessary to spend another week in the countries centre of debauchery and deviancy I am forced to reflect upon the journey that brought me here. I guess I’m what you could describe as a Boomtown veteran, I have watched the fair…


Universal Truths

The young are about to be stung by yet more decisions made that are as much “in their interest” as an arranged marriage to Ted Bundy would have been.


Bedford River Festival Review

The River Festival in Bedford is a bi-annual celebration of the town’s river, one which is now the second largest carnival in the UK, behind Notting Hill. Before we delve into the story of the river festival, let us just take into consideration that Bedford had a murder rate per capita last year that exceeded…


Rambling Rich: Mosquitoes and race riots

At some point, Matt is going to write me a politely worded E-Mail that basically alludes to him telling me to stop sending him hate mail. Once again, he wakes up to find the badly (scratch that, read un-) edited ramblings of a beer fueled lunatic screaming vengeance at him via poor writing software such as…