New Music – We Are Space Horses ‘Stale Skies’ Single Review

Vast and infinite, this is a sound with no beginning and no end, it exists as kaleidoscopic cosmic colour exploding within the dark and terrifying void.

It starts as the static of solar winds, as they blow through the emptiness of the young universe, the bass bubbles like primordial ooze tickling the twinkle of star after star into existence. As the galaxy grows so do does the depth and delicious texture of the soundscape. Strings twang with the echo and expertise of a huntsman’s bow, and the percussion beats out a war drum like rhythm that resonates with the fire and fury that lurks at the heart of creation and creativity.

There is a grandiose energy to this track that swells and shrinks but never loses the momentum and ever growing force of its evolution. There is an effortless smoothness to the transitions from section to section that make it impossible to break it apart and study the masterful musicianship that welded the song’s seams. Every instrument takes it moment in the spotlight to shine, but the vocals in particular soar with a subtle serenade before diving into a gritty growl.

This is music that has a fierce furious fervour to its fuzzy feel-good frenzy. There is a prehistoric power to the passion and poetry of ‘Stale Skies’ that is impossible to fake, and undeniable when heard. You can dive ever deeper into the immense and immersive scope of the sound, which gets bigger, badder, and better, with every listen.

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