New Music – Jovi Skyler ‘Got It Wrong’ Single Review

Jovi Skyler makes music that is driven, passionate, and packs a powerful punch. It has the energy and growl of grunge, as well as the playful punk middle finger to the mainstream sound and lack of creative freedom.

The track kicks the door down with a violent dive head first into the chunky dissonant depths of its soundscape. The assault of the thrashing drums joins the thick guitar riff as they pound out a feral frenzied beat.

Lyrically it plays around with the themes of a classic outsider anthem, it subverts the accepted understanding of what being beautiful or cool means. The vocals take the effortless laidback drawl of Weezer and whip them into a whirlwind speed blender with the headbanging aggression of Nirvana.

Over the course of the song, it manages to play around with a lot of different influences and sounds. It has a strong sense of self, even as it makes the journey from summiting peak to plummeting valley. In its softer moments the careful instrumentation and obvious emotive truth of the content shine through, but in its build to blasting chorus, it unleashes a raw rage and energy that seems all the more consuming for what came before.

This is a young talent, still rough around the edges, but the razor-sharp exterior is keen enough to draw blood. We covered an earlier release ‘Danger Land and can already see the progression in the composition and attention to production. Keep your ears peeled because this is a musician with the guts to break the mold and the heart to make something monstrously magnificent with the shattered shards.

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