New Music – Electro Deluxe ‘Ain’t No Stoppin” Single Review

Big, bold, and ballsy, this is a bigger than big and badder than bad sound that slaps, squeezes, and suckles every last drop of funky groove out of the swagger and strut of its sound.

The track begins with explosive force, fully formed and ready to flex its funky stuff. The brass leads the charge with a lofty ascent and a dirty dive up and down the central riff. The drums snap with the crispness of a perfectly ripe apple fresh from the tree, and the natural sugar sweet flavour seeps into the soundscape letting each instrument begin to fruit and flower. The intro ends by dropping back to allow the bubbling bass line to lead into the first verse, and any band happy to let the bass take centre stage like this and just shred, slap, and smolder is one we at Yack will come back to over and over again. It feels filthy but sounds oh so clean.

It’s impossible not to get swept up in the feel and frenzy of the music. Every section has a distinct and delightful taste, it moves smoothly from one to the next but never feels rushed. The explosive energy that it opened with remains throughout, in different forms, but always present, and it just nourishes the head and heart to hear musicians of this skill and talent level clearly enjoying themselves, and playing with passion, letting the groove dictate the structure rather than some stale or stagnant songwriting blueprint. This is jazz, this is funk, this is soul, but more than that, it’s none of those and all of those genres simultaneously.

The vocals in the first verse tap into a sexy and sultry bedroom energy, not afraid to bust out some seriously freaky moves that you’ve never seen before. It is fiery and fierce and the listener is whipped up into the frenzy right alongside the band ready to dive back into the sweat soaked sheets of the thickly layered soundscape for another round. In the second act the track takes a bit more of a chilled and tender tact, it is every bit as passionate and powerful, but ready to cuddle and the vocals deliver a more poetic moment where the lyricism and truthful soul of the music is given a chance to shine even more brightly as we reflect on what has come before, focus on the individual elements, and get excited for what the future holds.

This is feel-good music in the truest sense, how can you not smile while you immerse yourself in this consuming creativity and playful perfect percussive massage. You come out the other side feeling nourished, appreciated, and loved. The band clearly get out as much playing the music as you do listening to it and it’s synergistic and wholesome to feel that unity in this giddy glee ecstasy feedback loop.

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