New Music – TYDY ‘Scallion Pancake Adventure’ Single Review

A psychedelic vision quest that serves up a turbo-charged audio adventure that takes you out into the desert, and then blasts you off into outer space. Weaving in multiple genres and influences this is many fragments of musical madness-made masterpieces, relying on its rock-solid narrative to guide you along and make it into a cohesive whole.

Crackling in from the radio static with a brief introduction to the premise of the track, we hear the boys given their cosmic mission for the fabled scallion pancake. The TV explodes which sets the surreal hyper-reality that the story exists in and then the first chapter of this musical epic begins. 

The roaring guitar kicks in as TYDY gets into the car and begins the madcap turbo-charged journey at full throttle. This eventually fades out into the slow-waltzing country crooning of their first missed pancake. The main refrain of the song is introduced on either side of the interlude with the catchy chorus instantly worming its way into your very soul. As ridiculous as it is raucous.

From here the radio channel keeps flicking through different genres, showing off the musicianship that lies underneath the tongue-in-cheek humor of its premise and lyricism. It goes from Pink Floyd-esque prog rock and ballad, back to country and western, and then morphs back into something else entirely. “My car’s been just like a car to me”, is a line that tickles out a smile, but is delivered with a sincerity and emotive weight that lets it land as much more than just a joke.

This is experimental expertly mental music that tells an epic story. Modern myth made music, hop in the car and enjoy the ride.

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