New Music – BLAB ‘Hate Love, Make Love’ Single Review

Skittering synths whip out an electric rhythm that shocks, sizzles, and saunters through an indie rock anthem that makes a statement that lingers long after the short but sweet track length. ‘Hate Love, Make Love‘ is like valentine candy, it is a heady sugar rush that isn’t afraid of the dental decay and devastation that lurks in the aftermath.

Lyrically BLAB pack a punch. There is the upfront vicious assault of the machine gun pop rock fizz in the verses, that balances perfectly with the addictively sweet candy coated toothsome tone to the hook of the chorus. The track plays with the idea that the consumerist ideal of a gift giving love and the fast food servings of the quick fix love app community are equally lacking in substance.

Being in love is really hard, but loving myself is even harder” is the bittersweet call of the chorus that hits all the more poignantly with the switch from the venomous delivery of the verses. The chorus serves up a marshmallow softness that plays perfectly off the toxic sour hard shell that came before. Even at it’s softest though there is still a toothy crunch to the sound and the “hey ho” punk rock rhythm of this bop is sure to keep heads nodding in time. This is excellent writing that pairs the raw power of the poetry of the track with the electrifying sound of the music.

Sonically this track is huge, it tickles the ear with a fuzzy distorted electronica that is quickly accompanied by the growl of the instrumentation. The track builds effortlessly into an explosive chorus that is all the more impressive for its simplicity. The song is layered without being busy, and heavy without being deafening. There is an honest and masterfully crafted heft to the track that is much larger than the run-time might imply.

If leaving them wanting more was made music then ‘Hate Love, Make Love‘ would be a perfect example of the concept. The track is a statement of intent that introduces the listener to a band capable of crafting music that is as thoughtful as it is tantalizing. Every line strikes with assassin like accuracy, backed up by an energetic sound that is bound to earn it a place on your new favorite’s playlist.

Words by Matt Miles.

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