New Music – Butterfly Bulldozer ‘PR. TRICKS’ Single Review

This is vicious and vibrant music with the decibels maxed out and the artistic vision shone through a prismed lens.

It begins with a discordant and unsettling little refrain. It sounds beautiful but bizarrely bestial and broken. The background slowly fills in with haunting and ethereal voices. While the foreground is assaulted with the spittle and venom spat by the post-punk posturing and power of the lead vocals.

When we finally take our first knockout punch from the audial onslaught of the chorus; it seemingly comes out of nowhere as the track shifts into turbo-drive out of a brief unsettling moment of uneasy calm. There is something truly massive and momentous to the stomp, swagger, and soaring sonic bliss of the anthemic call of the songs central hook.

The song evolves constantly. There are no real defined sections, it flows naturally and builds upon itself, like a rolling stone, it gathers swampy slime, sludge, muck and mud as it rolls through the primordial soundscape it has built for itself. It mentions cosmic and interstellar explorations in the lyrics and there is a time-travelling vibe to this other-realm anthem.

Lyrically it draws upon some cosmic and scientific elements, yet it remains entirely abstract and truly bizarre rather than overly intellectual. There is something philosophically poetic and petulantly playful to lines like “space is like a giant chessboard, checkmate if you’re not in the right world.” The central hook is almost completely nonsensical but the chorus is a call to arms. And to answer it; yes, we are absolutely looking to get glock-glock-glock-glocked by this big sound.

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