New Music – Millie Go Lightly ‘Saddle Up’ Single Review

With a slow, sassy, and sensual sway, Saddle Up grabs you by the hips and draws you in close to tickle your ear skin with the warm breath of its ferocious purr as it flips a perfectly manicured middle finger to boarish and boring established gender roles.

Millie Go Lightly has a voice that punches with a powerful soul, given wings with a tender feather flutter. Over the course of the track, the songstress effortlessly navigates up and down her range and makes it sound easy. Every line is meant and meaty, and the lyrics are lifted to lofty heights with the soaring siren’s song.

The song is beautifully built from slow polite courting into a rough and raunchy romp as it dives deep into the passionate chorus. The musicality mirrors the lyrics perfectly as they prowl through the bar with a sneer. It is a righteous swagger that has a charming Artful Dodger-Esque savvy to it, as it openly mocks the pitiful presumptions of potential partners.

The track begins so simply, with just the crackle of the strumming guitar but as we delve into the night the instrumentation joins us in an atmospheric swell. You can almost feel the sweat splattering against the speaker from a hedonistic hair flick in the heat of the moment as it climaxes.

This is a feral feminist fuck anthem, is has a butch bravado and confidence but never comes across as crass or vulgar. This is more Prince than Rod Stewart, it’s smooth as silk and every bit as luxurious. Sink into the sumptuous soundscape and lose yourself in the immersive emotive vocals.

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