New Music – Milky Chance ‘Unknown Song (Remix by Christian Löffler)’ Single Review

Guitars come gently trotting through the fuzzy crackle of the sepia-toned soundscape with ethereal emotive energy, the remix manages to vibrate at the exact right frequency singing louder and prouder in tune with the heart hurt at its very core.

There is something haunting about the track, it has a familiar feint, but the cracks in the polite smile are an obviously vulnerable veneer. We covered the original single release for ‘Unknown Song, and can keenly feel the tickle soft of the intimate breath of fresh air in the Christian Löffler remix.

The lyrics hit much harder in this iteration of the song. There is a lost summer feel to the foggy memory of both the content and the original release. While it still tackles the same theme, it seems much more truthful and realized with the airy synth soundscape that ebbs, flows, and pulses with all the power of an ancient herbal healing trip.

With all the simplicity of a chord change, the song morphs and mutates from the bluesy guts and grits of the original and presents itself much more openly and open veined to the listener. Listening to both tracks together you can feel the force of feeling that went into writing the song, and you can bathe in the calmer wisdom of the distance and detachment in the remix.

The intimacy of the remix is met, matched, and mastered by the intricacy of the building shifting landscape of the song. As it flows, there is a real sense of a passage of time, you can hear the waves of powerful passions still lapping at the shore. Yet standing barefoot in the sand, letting the waters flow with the tide and allowing it to slowly sink away. There is a true peace that prickles in the still wet exposed flesh of the warm new day breeze.

The remix takes nothing away from the original, but rather provides a much deeper and nuanced understanding of the lyrics and depth of emotion of the very real and very beautiful humans behind the music. Go and check out our original review if you want a deeper dive into the themes themselves.

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