New Music – Idioteque “Offering feat. Swan Diver” Single Review

Music made myth, or myth made music, this is a fugue state dream where sinister shadowy figures emerge from the fog of the sublimely well crafted soundscape.

A deliciously dark and daggering beat begins its bouncing rhythm that ascends and descends through a sumptuous soundscape. “Offering” quickly establishes the luxurious layering of the instrumentation at the bed of the track. The pop of the percussion pounds out a slow and steady march that is joined by treacle sweet tickling riffs, and lilting lofty vocals.

There is something esoteric and exotic about the musical motif that evokes ancient and epic stories of myth and magic. Swan Diver dives headfirst into these themes, tumbling effortlessly into the energy of the music with the passion and power of the vocals. As the waking wave crests and crashes into the chorus, the track submerges fully into the dark and murky depths flowing freely from the poet’s pen behind the lyricism.

Lyrically the song plays with the mythic theme to tell a story of a narrator who is stuck in their ways and reluctant to let the magic work and evolve. It speaks of paying tithes to the spirits and a ‘faithless offering’. Change isn’t cheap, and a lot of us can find us drowning in the stress of taking that step into deeper waters, but if you learn to swim it can make it all seem worth it. “Offering” itself is a perfect example of what can happen when you take risks and push yourself creatively.

Idioteque has crafted an entirely unique creative process with “Offering”. The collaboration between music, art, and poetry has become intricately and infinitely entangled. The three art forms mix, mingle, and merge to create a captivating Chimeric creature. The music was given to visual artist Jesse Ajilore who created the spellbinding cover art. This work of art was then given to Swan Diver who drew inspiration from the visuals to craft the lyrics that are then deftly delivered in perfect syncopation with the mood and movements of the music.

Passion cannot be faked, Idioteque as an artist is falling in love with the music they make all over again, giving it that fresh first album feel, but with the confidence and competence that only awakens around the third. This is an artist that just like the track itself is in the process of a metamorphosis, but the cocoon is iridescent and just as beautiful as what might emerge next. We can’t wait to hear more.

Words by Matt Miles.

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