New Music – HOLY POPES ‘APPLES’ Single Review

Caustic chaotic catharsis; vicious venomous spittle spewing from powerful passion, this is a poet’s pen unleashing a monstrous message.

The track crackles in with a delightful little ditty picked out clean and serene tickling out from the strummed strings. The first verse smolders with a restrained menace, a creeping dissonance and unease slowly seeping in from the shadows. The chorus kicks in with battering ram force not only tearing the door down, but smashing it off its hinges.

The softer start allows the full fury and force of the chorus to shake your speakers to the floor. The thunderous percussion leaves you concussed, the dirging guitar dives deep into its dissonant din, and the bubbling bass burps out a belligerent bellow. In verse and bridge, you can hear each instrument taking turns with intricate and skillful steps, but it is in the frenzy of the climax that they really start to dance.

Lyrically it is a Grimm fairytale of a boy who dreams of taking up the badge for all the wrong reasons. It starts out idealistic and potentially promising, a theme that is mirrored in the music, but the bedtime story soon turns dark and devious as we learn that the real monsters are the ones that are supposed to be protecting us. ‘APPLES‘ is a punk protest against the systemic corruption in the police force and the tragically true tale of repeated recent headlines.

“It’s the one rotten apple, it’s the whole fucking barrel!”

There is a feral and ferocious growl to the vocals that rumbles out from the gut, and echoes monstrously out the mouth, vibrating with primal intensity. This depth of emotion is felt fully by the listener and it’s impossible not to tune in to that righteous anger and be moved by it. This is a track not afraid to lob a brick through the window of the Metropolitan police force. A call to action that demands justice, answers, and proactive action.

This is music with a message, and its monumental enough to send seismic waves out from the stage to start a movement that doesn’t just pummel the pit, but keeps those feet marching out into the streets. The law dealers and policy makers will hear the barking echo of this ferocious chorus’ call in the very near future.

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