New Music – Benjamin Samuels ‘Crazy DNA’ Single Review

Frenzied, frantic, frenetic, and full of fuzzy feral feeling this is a soundscape that skips, skitters, and shivers through mesmerizing, manic, and masterful musicianship.

It begins with a dagger dark dirge on the keys, that is quickly joined by the spider leg scuttle of the bass line, the primal punch power of the drums, and the call to arms of the unifying battle cry of the saxophone. This delicious dance continues in a whirlwind, whirling and whizzing to and fro with an undeniable energy that whips the listener up into its effervescent flavour.

At the 1:26 mark we are submerged into the swampy sludge and slap of a frankly disgustingly good bass break. This is feral frenzied finger work that would make Les Claypool proud and is an audial treat of such ridiculous rarity that it is well worth an instant rewind to take another tickling taste. Coming out the other side of this dive into devious depths we rejoin the intricate and interesting instrumentation as it comes back together with an effortless evolution of the jam that came before.

The soundscape twists and twirls on in this vein until the 4:16 mark where we were pleasantly surprised to find the groove of a vocal freakout over the top of the music that added a distinctly new feel to the track and the stabbing punctuation of each line lifted the track into an even higher orbit than before. There is a Sun Ra creatively crazy croon to the lyricism and rhythm that perfectly marries with the nu-jazz nuisance and nuance of the soundscape.

This is music that is powerfully playful, it exists outside of the box and batters in the sides of it with such staggering skill that anything that is boringly box shaped feels inadequate and soulless once you have been exposed. Truly a trip into the realms of madness this is music that lets you touch lunatic levels of creative artistry and its mere existence is nourishing to the soul.

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