New Music – Planky ‘Mic Check, Mic Check feat. Dynamite MC & Harry Shotta’ Single Review

Old school flow that wiggles and winds effortlessly in and out of a richly layered bouncy beat, serving up lyrical expertise and multisyllabic schemes along with giddy grin inducing head nodding rhythm.

The beat kicks in with a vinyl crack and skip as it begins the hypnotic loop that provides the bedrock of this feel-good soundscape. As the MC’s step into the fray, it’s clear from the first few bars that this is going to be a masterclass in tightly packed verbiage. The schemes are intricate and interesting peppering line after line with a fully flexed stretch that serves up a poetic passion for the penmanship.

From the beginning of the track until the end this is a non-stop assault on the mic. It passes easily between the two veteran MCs as they explore and explode with enthusiastic energy. It is impossible not to get whipped up in the groove of this and the flow never gets stale as it breezes through the beat switching it up to keep every individual bar interesting.

It’s a classic braggadocious barrage of bars letting the listener know just how tight and talented Dynamite MC and Harry Shotta are when it comes to gripping a mic. While it’s a hip-hop staple that we’ve heard many times before, when done correctly with an honest and heartfelt approach it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any wordplay fanatic. While the schemes and skill with the pen is apparent, it’s the flow that really shines on this one, as the two MC’s skillfully skitter and skatter their syllables with gatling gun speed and a sniper’s precision.

But it doesn’t matter how good the MC is if the beat doesn’t provide the necessary elevation and energy. Planky serves up a throwback to the golden era of hip-hop that has a big band feel with a tickle of that jazzy snap and big bold crisp drums. It reminds us of DJ Format, beats so ridiculously rowdy that the guest MCs can’t help but go all out.

Exciting expertise on the mic matched with a monumental musical backdrop, this is the type of track that you can’t help but slap on an instant repeat. It has that vintage appeal giving a nod to the greats that came before, but still has enough of its on fresh frenzied flavour to inspire a genuine interest in the future and what comes next.

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