New Music – witS & Smitty! ‘Duck Noodle Soup’ Single Review

Built with a tasters tongue for the depth of its complex flavours, this is a delicious and nutritious track filled to the brim with crisp, fresh, and spicy seasonings.

From the very first scuff of the drumstick, you can hear there is something special in the recording and production of this. There is an almost ASMR quality to how vibrant the sound of the drums are on this. You can hear the wood shivering from its tip to its base with the vibration of every pop, crack, sweep, and tickle. This is the first note on the tongue, and honestly it is that umami hit that makes you savour every second and instantly come back for another taste.

Anyone can learn technique, and in the modern world, almost anyone can put together something that strongly resembles genuine music. But you can teach soul. Soul is the hearty hazy aroma that sticks two tender fingers into your nostrils hooking you in close enough to gently invite you to abandon all reason and submerge your entire head into a bowlful of this beautiful bubbling broth. You can’t see soul, but you can feel it. You can hear it in the mix, hear it fizzing through the speakers and lighting up the wires it passes through to leave them buzzing in the afterglow.

On first play you might hear ‘Duck Noodle Soup‘ and just think it is something you heard on the Chill Beats To Study/Relax To playlist while you were vibing. But it’s complexity and depth rewards the listener for coming back to savour the flavour and have another little taste. The energy from its live elements dont just give it a little fizz, they give it a dizzy effervescence. This is proper fusion music, bringing elements from jazz, hip-hip, funk, and soul, and stirring them together with effortless skill.

Any MC would kill for the right to spit to this, any musician would fight for the chance to join in the jam. There is something so delightfully enticing about the genuine joy that went into creating this, and you can feel that as the track arouses every single one of your atoms with its feel good frequency.

This is music hot out of the oven, with a recipe handed down from grandma to grandma, a soulful soup made from the primordial ooze of god given groove and we can’t wait to sip slurp ourselves another little sluice of its rich dripping juice.

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