New Music – Bobby Wallisch Jr. & Acid.Prof ‘Pánta Rheî’ Single Review

Marrying Greek philosophy with the fun loving and frenetic frenzy of the American bop punk scene, this is a track weighted with the meaning of existence, but lightens the heavy load with its irresistible call to dance.

It begins with a fluttering lead guitar refrain as the chugging rhythm of the drums and central strings pound out the heartbeat of the track. This fray is soon joined by the vocals which leap into the middle of the track energetically with a giddy and dizzy childlike joy. There is a nod to the influences that inspired the sound, but it isn’t at all derivative, it is a beautiful blend of a few different classic genres and sounds.

The energy of the song and the delivery of the vocals perfectly match the message and meaning of the lyricism. Keeping it fairly simple, the central themes are repeated as a punchy righteous mantra. As a concept delivering Ancient Greek Philosophical truths in the form of a raucous punk bop seems a little bizarre or out there, but somehow the combination just works, really really well in fact.

This is feel good fuel for thought, educational and enjoyable, it doesn’t come across as preachy at all, it shows but doesn’t tell. Pánta Rheî translates as everything flows and is a school of philosophy presented by Heraclitus who believed that eventually even opposites become the same, life becomes death, up becomes down, and so everything is one, and everything is a constant becoming.

In the form of the song ‘Pánta Rheî’ the philosophy through the lens of the singer takes on a slight evolution. Now it takes on a bit more of a Carpe DIem vibe. We are all one and the same. There is a strong message of unity and love. Also, that stagnation is an unnatural state and therefore must be avoided. We must flow like the river, always moving forward, always evolving and becoming something new.

This isn’t just music, it’s a muse, it’s amusing, it’s a movement. Punk-rock philosophy, food for thought that makes you move of course. Get ready to dance till your feet bleed while your mind is filled with existential bliss.

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