New Music – Moemaw Naedon & C.Scott ‘Awesome Environment’

There is a crisp and crunchy quality to both the vocals and the pop of the drums on this delightfully new-breath old-school track. It has an irresistibly groovy head nodding rhythm alongside psychedelic strangeness in terms of the lyricism that keeps the keen ear intrigued.

The beat comes in and you can already tell this is something a little different. There is an obvious skill and passion in the mix but the thing that comes through most obviously is how much fun C.Scott is having on the decks. The beat is a mix and match of a lot of different sounds but they come together seamlessly into this gorgeous whole.

The thing that drew me in the most is the echo of the bass clearly done by mouth by either C.Scott or Moemaw. It’s a ridiculous little bass riff and we would all try it out through pursed lips behind closed doors, like a kid playing with a new toy. You rarely hear that unabandoned joy play out in the mix. I like that. They say the day you walk past a swing set and don’t swing is the day you become an adult.

It’s a unique sound, from the bed to the rafters, but the lyricism, easy flow, deep voice, and unique cadence of Moemaw Naedon really helps the track stand out. It has a really funky swagger at the soul of it and it reminds me a lot of Fun Lovin Criminals at their prime. Applied more directly in a hip-hop environment it taps into this old-school energy and combined with the infectious beat brings to mind groups like J5 or Souls Of Mischief.

The imagery that they are able to conjure up on the track is sticky and sludgey and it gets stuck in your head. The river rats and the sonic swamp already feels like a home from home for me now. The duo are serving up something you’ve never heard before both in the instrumentation and mix and the baby bottom smooth delivery of the razor sharp witty lyricism.

I was only about halfway through the track and already planning my next trip to the sonic swamp, in fact I may set up permanent residence there; with a deckchair, a porch, and a pipe packed with whatever these two brothers are smoking.

Check out the River Rats LP if you like this as much as I did.

Words by Matt Miles

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