New Music – The Best Around ‘Didn’t Come Here To Count ‘Em’ Single Review

The Best Around are back with their genre-bending blend of raw lyrical honesty and booze-fueled bluesy bravado, providing another delicious slurp of a sound soaked in humor and heart.

It begins with the jangling wrangling of the fuzzy footed guitar riff that while deliberately a little wonky still retains the rockstar rhythm of its sober skill. This cheeky musical motif is in perfect sync with the lyrical content of the track.

The song plays with a too-drunk narrator who clumsily hits on his own wife while wearing some very fogged-up beer goggles. It is simultaneously sweet and silly but manages to explore some quite poetic and profound themes through the farcical central conceit.

The track has a honky-tonk twang to it both in the instrumentation and the cadence of the vocals. There is a great deal of attention paid to the production and the perfect layering of the song’s rich selection of songs with different instruments stepping to the front of the mix to provide a different flavor from verse to verse. The horn section in particular has a riotously good time adding a sublime depth to the band’s sound.

The chorus plays almost like a punchline, with each verse culminating in a hilarious rebuttal and refusal to acknowledge the mistakes made. It works fine for fun as a drinking song, especially given the giddy groove of the music. On a deeper level, as you peel back the textured tales it is a fairly cautionary condemnation of the bottle offered with winking wisdom, sing-along savvy, and heavy humor.

With every release, The Best Around manage to show off another twinkling string to their sound. They are a band that clearly love making music and are happy to play around in different genres. The humility, humor, and skill that goes into every track is possibly overlooked by the casual listener, but if you find the time between laughing out loud or bobbing your head along, you can see it shyly peeking out from behind the beautifully woven tapestry of sound.

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