New Music – Robert Connely Farr ‘Gettin’ Tired Of Gettin’ Old’ Single Review

Old soul blues with a youthful grit and gumption, there is dog with a bone tenacity to the simplicity of sound and a tearful truth to the honest depth of emotion that stings and sings at the heart of it.

It starts with a mischievous laugh and the proclamation “I guess I got to now“. There is a playful and open honesty to beginning the track with a slight peek behind the curtain like this. While the listener might not know the whole story behind this statement, it gives us an insight into the process and we can almost feel ourselves in the studio that it was recorded in.

The track then begins in earnest, and there is a fuzzy feeling to the production and sound of the recording that lends it an easily accessible soulful truth. It isn’t overproduced, it isn’t clean, it keeps its rough and rugged edges, and for music like this, there should be no other approach. It’s got a little dirt muddying the twang of the strings, and a little whiskey and cigarette sore throat to the growl of its song.

This feral fuzzy feel is integral to the sound, and it is the heart of the song. It marries with the meaning and message of the lyricism perfectly. The blues is a genre as old as it can be, to let it still sing true in the modern musical landscape is no easy feat and Robert Connely Farr does so effortlessly. That honest humble heart and perfect imperfection is what lends the story that grit and gravel grounding in order for the story to tug at your very core.

Its not verbose, its not showboating, and yet lyrically it is very tight and poetic, vocally it is rich with feeling, and instrumentally there is a measured and masterful amount of technique on display. It is impossible not to nod your head along as you hum out an echo of agreement with the sentiment and sound.

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