New Music – Aquarius ‘Gone Away’

The primal energy that lurks ready to pounce at the core of the track is evident from the very first chord. This is raw and pure music and it’s ferocious, fangs dripping, salivating at the promise of the coming explosive release. Building upon itself it masterfully crafts a monument that looms menacing and monstrous in the memory.

The majority of the track is instrumental it isn’t until after the 3 minute mark when the music breaks and exposes its slightly more vulnerable heart. The vocals are powerful but restrained, calling at first with one voice a simple chanting refrain, as it continues to morph and evolve more voices join the chorus and it’s impossible to resist the urge to lend your own to the battlecry.

The guitar buzzes at the beginning of the track before it is let loose with this chugging flex that instantly brings to mind bands like Tool. It is intricate and with the fury and rage of the riff it would be easy to mistake it for chaotic but there it is atomically intricate musicianship with every lick and flick perfectly placed.

From the depths of the track the drums pound out a primordial rhythm that knows when to caress and when to unleash its full force. When it does, it is a relentless onslaught that lets the listener lift themselves into a beautifully dark and dangerous whirlwind of musical ecstasy.

As an introduction to the band and the EP to come, this is as intriguing as it is instantly familiar. It has enough of its own flavour and identity while also instantly tapping into the electric fervour of the great prog bands that have come before.

It’s rare that a song will instantly connect on the first listen, but when it does, it often serves up more and more intricacy and subtle musicianship with every listen thereafter. The layering of this sumptuous and stupendous soundscape is easy to get lost in, and the further in you dive, the more richly rewarding it is.

Words by Matt Miles

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