New Music – TRIPSITTA ‘Velvet Zen’ Single Review

Rich, rugged, and rapturous vocals soar effortlessly above a vibrant soundscape that paints vivid visuals with kaleidoscopic colours, this is a spiritual and soulful trip that will leave its mark on the listener.

It starts with a happy little skip to the strum of the strings, their is a joyful energy and a simplicity to the sound, that starts out very fresh and clean. It isn’t until the vocals join in that the thick and full depth of the sound unveils itself. It must be remarked upon how truly rare a voice this is; an awe inspiring range with a gritty truth and growl that allows it to dive deep into wells of energetic emotion.

The texture and complexity of the soundscape is as mesmerizing as the lyricism and song, every instrument dancing into an intricate and interesting story that mirrors and matches the energy poured into the microphone. The crisp snap of the metronomic drum that ticks like the passage of time, the huge roar of the guitar that lurks in the shadows until the vocals drop out and it pounces into the fierce and frenzied licking of a solo. It all builds until it climaxes into the chorus.

The chorus is a thing of true beauty. It is never obvious, it feels restrained and real, there is a humbling honesty to it that allows it to hit with concussive force. There is no hint of cliche, no forced displays, or gratuitous showboating, yet it plumbs into some sort of primal power. This is what it sounds like when musicians have mastered their craft and marry that technique with a truth of meaning that elevates the noise into something truly transcendent; measured and masterful.

It is is so easy to get completely lost in this track, you cannot pick it apart and label where one verse ends and the chorus begins. It is a fluid evolving whole that is so velvet smooth in its execution that the seams are as invisible to the ear, eye, and finger. The songcraft on display would put many to shame and with production, musicianship, and songwriting this good on a single release, we are giddy kid excited to get our hands on the album release.

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