New Music – Gabrielle Ornate ‘Free Falling’ Single Review

Vicious vixen vocals growl with the grit of razor-sharp fangs to back them up. Powerful punked-out guitars blast out a deafening decibel dance salaciously sauced with the ethereal empyrean soaring of the passionate voice.

We were introduced to Gabrielle Ornate with the mission statement of ‘Rewrite The Rules’. True to form the latest release ‘Free Falling’ continues pouring from the still open vein of pure passion and power. This is music that is instantly invigorating, a breath of fresh air that leaves you feeling giddy dizzy fizzy from its truly unique highly oxygenated sound.

From the bewitching cosmic ambient, the heavy booted foot of the chunky guitar riff kicks through with stunning splendor. Now the listener has been woken up from their stupor, Ornate begins to luxuriously lavish the track with the lilting lick of her angelic tongue and devilish lungs. Ascending to the heavens with sugar-sweet sonorous song and then ‘Free Falling’ with the plunging power of something preciously primal.

Lyrically the song conjures a beautifully complex tapestry motif of honest connection and healthy abandon. It recognizes the animal inside our soul, but feeds it a diet intended to nourish its nature, but not its carnivorous hunger. It is an anthem for the free spirit but with the wisdom to know that complete freedom has its own price.

This is richly rewarding songwriting that doesn’t paint in simple black and white but instead draws on a kaleidoscopic palette that creates vivid visuals in the rainbow refracted light shining through the complexity of its soul.

The soundscape of the song is every bit as wickedly woven as the lyrics. The track pulses with shapeshifting energy as it morphs, moves, and molds itself from the shattered shell of that that came before. The depth of the sound is momentously huge in stature, and yet at its breast clutched with the gentlest touch the songbird of its melodious pop sensibilities.

This is pop-rock so much heavier than the peddled pebbles the term usually refers to, this is pop-bedrock, carved carnivorously with primal passion from the very core of the planet.

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