New Music – The Next Movement ‘The Age Of Fake’ Single Review

With a deliciously dark, dagger sharp disco strut ‘The Age Of Fake’ has a seductive soundscape that draws you in with charming surface level appeal and then leaves you drowning in the deceptive depths of the songs meaningful message and intricate instrumentation.

From the first clap of the percussive backbeat of the track, the irresistible groove is established. It has a flourished funky energy that spins and twirls powered by the electricity that sparks and fizzles at its dynamic core. The synths swagger in with laser-like precision, while the bumping bass provides a toe tapping rhythm.

It has a bubblegum pop appeal that earworms its way into your head with the same radically radio friendly sound popularized by the likes of Bruno Mars. But in this case, that superficial soul is a veneer that hides much more ferocious fangs to puncture through shallow skin. The lyricism and sound match each other perfectly both in the poetry of meaty metaphoric musicality and perfectly produced power.

While there is a great deal of depth and deeper meaning to the overall composition and enjoyment to those willing to dive into the soundscape, the lyrics themselves aren’t afraid to slap themselves onto the track with a matter of fact brutal honesty. There are no pulled punches and there is a bold beauty to this level of straight shooting songwriting.

At the 4:00 minute mark, The Next Movement take a psychedelic trip into a feral freakout that acts as an explosive climax to the song. It is simultaneously a showcase for the masterful musicianship that is the pulsing heart of the song. This is an act that has the skill to seduce you with seriously sexy sounds, but the integrity to be honest with their intention.

This isn’t an attempt at a quick summer fling No.1 hit, although it has all the passionate power and punch to scratch that itch, this is something with a little more soul, something we can invest interest in for the long term. It is exciting and energetic, but also attentive and artistic, leaving you feeling giddy from the groove.

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