New Music – Stavroz ‘Her Eyes Were Red’ Single Review

A pulsing peaceful intricate instrumental track that builds a beautiful soundscape that invites the listener to become completely immersed in a surreal and soulful journey that feels like meditative medicine.

Stavroz make music that perfectly mixes the heart beat rhythm and resonating vibrations of the EDM scene with the masterful musicianship and creative artistry of the effortlessly cool expression of jazz. It begins by fading it with an audible humming frequency that then begins to skitter, bend, wave, and fade as the levels start to coalesce and fade. The drums come in at first sounding like a programmed track, but then through crisp fills and a few scattering snare sounds sound more and more like something more playful and live.

The track continues on this journey, always growing, always expanding, always growing. The layering becomes mesmerizing. The rich tapestry of sound adds instrumentation slowly creating a delicious anticipation that no matter how full and fleshed out it gets, there is always room for more. It is unique in this regard, as it is still subtle and simple, never feeling busy or overcooked. Stavroz display a dazzling understanding of the old adage that a true artist knows when the work is done, never oversaturating the soundscape.

At the 3:53 mark the electronic sounds practically drop out completely. The listener is left naked, it is a feeling of vulnerability and weightlessness. With the core refrain that has been throbbing through the core of the track since its start dropped out, we get to hear some of the beautiful live instrumentation that has been layered into it in isolation and the effect is really spellbinding. This moment of calm allows for a blossoming build and drop that isn’t overhyped or unnecessarily changing to the still very chill vibe but does provide a momentous climax.

Evoking an almost spiritual sense of belonging and peace, the track tells a story that is unique to each listener. It offers the framework but without being too overly concrete. To us it feels like a vision quest, consciousness growing and flowing out from the body to begin an ever accelerating exploration of serene desolate locations the likes of the desert dunes in the blazing sun, or the waves of the ocean on a starry night, or the arctic tundra in the midnight sun.

With the ethereal vocal hums, and the haunting horns, Stavroz serve up something truly refreshing in the electronic music sphere. It is perfectly produced, punchy, and poignant. Thought provoking, energetic, and evocative.

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