New Music – Alex Ashley ‘Honeychild’ Single Review

Smoother than a sip of whiskey, and with just as much bite and soulful smokey flavor, this is a voice that straddles the intricate instrumentation underneath with the grace of a seasoned cowboy heading into the groovy wild west.

It begins with a jaunty little strut on the guitars playing off of an almost gospel vocal harmony. Its influences are worn classily on its sleeve, but as the groove moves on it is clear we are dealing with an evolution rather than a blast from the past. It has the dirty grit of the blues, the smooth soul of the south, and a greedy gulp of some feral funk flavor.

The production and overall sound is an absolute masterclass. The sound is rich and varied and over the course of the track we go on quite the journey, every instrument is allowed a moment to shine and the soundscape never feels crowded or overproduced, retaining its gravelly growling raw and pure authenticity.

Lyrically the song is the closest thing to bedroom eyes that it is possible to get without just moaning and whispering sweet nothings into a mic ASMR style. It has a smoldering sex appeal and takes its place as a wooing work of art. While it might not have the poetic depth of abstract artistry in the lyrics themselves, its straight shooting honesty is backed up beautifully by the sultry serenade of the vocals.

The feeling and fire of the vocals ignites the carefully stoked kindling laid down by the instrumentation. The passion and power of the track is undeniable, and anyone who gives it as listen is sure to get burned. While Alex Ashley might be singing this to one person in particular, this is the kind of music that is sure to stoke anyone’s flame.

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