New Music – Lizzy and the Palm ‘Snow’ Single Review

As silky smooth and soft as fresh snowfall, this sublimely simple song covers its intricate instrumentation under a warm snug blanket and it feels so effortlessly cozy.

It is unfortunately rare to find a songwriter with the confidence to pen a straightforward sonnet to not doing much of anything at all. There is no posturing poetry or philosophical pondering, ‘Snow‘ is a beautiful ballad about a single moment in time, a place of perfect presence. It drinks deep from the simple delight of an afternoon spent by a window, wrapped up warm, watching the snow falling outside.

Musically it is masterfully made, a captivatingly complex soundscape that is easy on the ear but unique enough to invite the eager listener to sneak a peek at the recipe behind the blend. The strings take the lead with the pick and pluck of the lead refrain with a gorgeous tone dialed in that evokes a timeless vinyl crisp feel. The production is pitch perfect allowing an orchestral assortment of other instrumentation to all take a moment basking in the blissful calm at the heart of the track.

Vocally this is a voice as rare as the pen behind it. Effortlessly navigating between head and chest, every line sings with the truth of emotive weight and feeling of the playful and pretense free story it tells. With trills and frills that give you chills, the siren-esque singing has a childlike joy to it as it plays unashamed with each phrase skipping up and sliding down the peaks and flow of the track.

Jazzy and joyous with a folk flavouring to the simple storytelling at its core, this is music that the musicians poured soul and smiles into. It lingers on the ear and in the mind like the warm hug of a hot cup of cocoa does the tongue and the tummy.

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