New Music – FNP ‘You Wish’ Single Review

Blending the old with the new and having a righteous wiggle in the middle, ‘You Wish’ has the ecstasy rush of jungle rave euphoria served with the crisp clean clarity of pitch-perfect productive presence of mind.

The journey begins with the tickling shake and thunderous thump of the percussive heart as it finds its feet and feeling. The daggering synths stab through providing familiarity to the sound as it begins to properly lace up its boots for the heady sweaty journey ahead.

On the other side of the intro, the scope of the track is quickly revealed, the switch in the lead line lets the listener know it’s coming as it does and the first wave hits with a grin-inducing force. From here on out with every wave the soundscape grows in complexity, power, and passion.

As it continues to layer itself in more and more depth of sound gradually the heart and soul of the track underneath begin to shift, bend, and move with the music. By the time the jungle and rave elements take to the dance floor, the middle has wiggled a completely new groove that beckons the listener into the smooth hole left in its wake to submerge themselves fully in the sheer glorious joy of it.

The production is powerfully pronounced. It is more than a groove, it is that almost imperceptible perfection that allows every snap, crackle, and hiss to pierce through your eardrum and vibrate in vibe with your very atoms. The song provides an entire courtship over its course, with all the fiery passion as well as the intricate intimate moments of connection shining equally as bright.

There is a very obvious and easily accessible depth of masterful musical magic that can be enjoyed from the very first listen, but it is the track’s truth of passion and ecstatic knowledge of identity and genre that serves up the dark delicious depths past that sure to keep you coming back again and again.

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