New Music – Suave Punk ‘Petals’ Single Review

As the disorted fuzz peels back just enough to reveal the melodic meloncholy underneath ‘Petals‘ prickles the listener’s ear with the tender tickle of it’ s hopeful heart.

The opening progression growls with a distorted rebel decibel dance that reminds of Coldplay‘s ‘Parachutes’ or Snow Patrol‘s ‘Songs For Polar Bears’. The exact progression bringing to mind images of a baby Chris Martin strolling along a moonlit ‘Yellow’ beach. It paints with the same colour palette as these punked out pop classics, but manages to polish off abstracted through the prism of a post-punk shoegaze kaleidoscope.

There is a brutal honesty to the self examination in the lyrics with the writer laying themselves and their process scalpel slit, splayed open on the table. The powerful punch of the pen’s poetic prose with even more force paired with the haunting anguish and genuine feeling that oozes through in the vocals.

The soundscape is tantricly laced with the thick crunch of the guitars layered into the dizzy dance of the effect laden vocals. It manages to build and grow as the song soars towards a blossoming climax spiraling into the whirlwind of ethereal emotive energy.

Lyrically it speaks of the understanding of self that can come from the sometimes painful lens of examination of our relationships with others. It has a surreal and smouldering sumptuous shallow to be enjoyed by a more casual listen, yet hides a darker and more tumultous depth for those willing to dive head first in and submerge themselves completely.

Suave Punk is an artist that delights with pop sensibility and an air of post-punk electric edge. The shoegaze lyricism provides a depth of feeling that pulses with the powerful poetic heartbeat to mould ‘Petals‘ memorable musicality.

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