New Music – Ghalia Volt ‘Changes’ Single Review

Massive monstrous vocals that tear through a sultry sauntering serenade that tempts the listener deep into its powerful but playful sound.

The track begins with the crashing manic beat of the drums taking a trip down the kit introducing the adrenaline pumped heart beat that is at the core of the sound. They are soon joined by the drawn bowstring twang of the guitar, the spiritual sonic bath of the organ keys, the beauty and the beast of the bubbling bass, and the blood soaked vocals. There is a ferocity to the sound that underscores it, it is passion and prowess. While ‘Changes’ itself has a feel good flavor, the rootsy bluesey notes that make up the base lend it some gravel, grit, and gumption. This is a novel and new sound, but it wears its old soul with pride.

Lyrically, it dives into some pretty deep existential depth, but with its tongue in its cheek, a wink, and a killer turn of phrase it doesn’t get too heavy or boring. “Time is running wild” is a line that perfectly epitomizes this statement, running wild is what Hulk Hogan does, not what time typically does, time marches, time plods, the idea of time running wild not only adds weight to the sentiment, but is also delightfully fresh, funny, and a great example of feral wordplay.

The chorus hits with a rushing explosion from the instrumentation, the vocals sway effortlessly in step over the top before falling perfectly with a punchy punctuation blast. While the chorus provides a tasty hook and a more melodic moment, it is the verses and the “C-H-A-N-G-E-S” rock’n’roll spelling bee that really stuck in my head after listening. The chorus is meaty and monstrous but it is in the rest of the track where you can really hear the amount of heart and soul that was poured into this.

Ghalia Volt is an act that you want to see live. You can hear the humming electricity buzzing out your speakers. There is a ferocity to the sound that you can only get gigging and while its great on record, I am sure it is gargantuan live, even better if you can tour the streets of NOLA with them.

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