Boomtown Is Back Baby!

Boomtown rises from the ashes with a true and fiery rebirth. After the long and painful pause of the forgotten years Boomtown Fair has hit the reset button and taken it back to Chapter 1.

We have been attending Boomtown Fair every year, since the first time we took a glorious sip of it’s delicious debaucherous juice. It is a festival like no other. The immersive narrative and world building is a delving deep rabbit hole that casts a spellbinding surreal experience that is as addictive as it is exciting.

As it grew, unfortunately, the festival built a reputation for a depraved lunacy fueled by a darker drug addled escapism that was entirely uneccersary. Given the festivals strong soil deep green roots, some of it’s citizens still managed to ignore the morals woven into the intricate storytelling and ethos at its heart.

This year the festival has made a dedicated commitment to reattune the frequency to the magnetic pull of its ever present compass and reconnect with its true north.

Lots of festivals talk a bit game about their environmental impact, but few actually follow through with such creative and inspiring programmes and incentives that genuinely impart the message with such a playful and rewarding twist.

Whether offering actual cash money back for taking your trash with you on the way out, or through the theatrical tutelage and friendly guidance of the Eco Warriorz tour around site, everyone will leave with a sense of community and commitment to responsible and sustainable living.

The real backbone and MVPs that orchestrate the magic are the phenomenally talented build team that construct and living breathing city with alleys, secret doors, infrastructure, and personality. The sweat and time that they put in is too often overlooked as you spend more time existing within the madness. As NOFX described it “is this Disneyland for druggies?”

There have been rumblings from a specific group of Boomtown denizens (likely the same crowd we mentioned above) that the line-up this year is lacking the weight of headliners that it has had in the past. To their merit the festival has responded offering refunds to the ungrateful and disappointed.

The truth of the matter is this is a momentous shift in the direction of the festival and the redirected route it plans to travel forward. The festival has said that they plan to refocus funds on the city as a whole and its wealth of varied districts and sounds.

Instead of wasting it on a long list of big names that you would be better off seeing at solo shows without the entire population of Boomtown between you and the Lions Den, they are funneling towards the smaller stages and the wealth of fantastic artists found there.

If you need help picking out some of the best bands from the stacked line up, we have some Yack pack fan favourites to get you started.

Two Man Travelling Medicine Show

Thursday 3:30pm Foggers Mill

It’s like poetry but punk. Country but for folk folk. Rock’n’roll but with a tender touch. Lyrically they can rip out your heart, tickle your brain, and fingerbang your soul. Musically its an orchestra of wicked, wiggling, wonderful noise that melts into itself in perfect harmony.

Sinful Maggie

Thursday 7pm Shamrock

Friday 5pm Shamrock

Saturday 6pm Shamrock

Saturday 11pm Shamrock

Riotous righteous old school punk with the gruesome grit and growl to slap you round the chops. The squeezebox gives the band a natural sway and unique sound that makes them a truly unique and unforgettable act. You might even recognise this humble writer in the music video above.


Thursday 9:20pm Obsidian

Saturday 4pm Jager Platz

Saturday 10:45pm Obsidian

We first met Ngaio when she was our liaison for the press team at Boomtown many moons ago. As an artist she mixes poetry with soulful choruses to weave rich narratives with powerful messages. As a DJ she brings infectious rhythms, nutritious beats, and overflowing feel-good energy.

Ushti Baba

Friday 2:15pm The Fool’s Leap

It’s hard to really describe the beautiful mutant music mash-up that is Ushti Baba. They draw heavily from a wide range of genres and influences to create an intoxicating brew. Once you take even the smallest sip you will be begging for more.

Binbag Wisdom

Friday 4:45pm Engine House

Binbag Wisdom are probably one of the best live acts on the UK circuit right now. They are so hot it gets you sweaty. So cool it gets your nips flicked. They have a charisma and playful energy that is only matched by their ridiculously groovy discography. Watch their bassist barefoot blast his way through a masterclass in happy slappy feral funk. If you like this you should also check out the Dr Syntax Live Band, probably see some familiar faces.

The Dusk Brothers

Friday 5:30pm Fogger’s Mill

Swampy blues that kicks in with the primal force and ferocity of a rabid junkyard dog. Riffs that shred you to ribbons, soulful vocals that sew you back together, and a percussive power punch that tempts the tatters into a shamanic sway. Better than any other headliner, this is probably going to be a favourite for the weekend.

Mr Tea And The Minions

Friday 9:45pm The Fool’s Leap

There is no Boomtown without the minions. Year after year the energetic frenzy they share with the crowd builds along with their buzzing legend and legacy. Do not miss them, their sound and vibe is quintessential to the festival vibe. If you go back and read our reviews from year’s past, you’ll find the minions in every one.

Mischa And His Merry Men

Friday 6pm Shamrock

Friday 8:30pm The Fool’s Leap

We tried to see the merry men and their mesmerising music at the fabled windy Boomtown. While they bring a gusty gutsy performance, sadly the gale force winds meant they had to cancel their show. This is the redo, its going to be epic, and they are shooting a music video at Fool’s Leap to celebrate, come in your finest costumes and go crazy.

Chris Tofu

Saturday 11pm Hotel Paradiso

Sunday 3am The Fool’s Leap

Sunday 7pm Bad Apple Bar

If you’ve been to any UK festival ever you have already sampled the pure love of good music and promotional prowess of Sir Chris Tofu. He is an integral component of the scene and whether booking and bringing through new talent or mixing up a set of rock solid bangers this is a man that deserves your appreciation and gives it back by the bucket load.

Dead Horse Bay

Friday 10pm Coyote Moon

Shamless self promotion; after playing at Glastonbury (10 times in fact), Secret Garden Party, Camp Bestival, and Small World this year, we were heartbroken to not be invited to our favourite festival. But we came in as press and we are planning to play anyway! We already have a set to get us going, if any stages need a band, hit us up. Busiest band at Boomtown?

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