New Music – FNP ‘On My Mind’ Single Review

A throwback garage groove with enough heart in its homage to mix in a spicy new flavour that compliments and reinvigorates that classic taste.

It bounces onto the dancefloor with a fist pumping swagger and playful pulsating power. The track begins to build itself around the throbbing bass with magnificent monstrous momentum.

As the thumping simplicity gives way to a more all-consuming soundscape you find yourself tumbling into the euphoric energy as the swell continues to fill in every gap in the intricate instrumentation.

The track cascades into a cosmic calm as the bass drops out from underneath and the vocals exist in a twinkling timeless galaxy.

The synths and gentle hiss of the percussion begin to steadily gather rocket fuel until the track goes into warp speed again with a massive explosive climax.

From here FNP mixes the calmer elements with the raucous rave that came before. With a masterful skill the two seemingly separate sections fold seamlessly into one another silky smooth.

The vocals provide a bedrock and narrative that explores the soundscape giving fury, fire and soulful serenade. It’s more of a mantra than a chorus but it feels incredibly good when you sink into it.

FNP is a musician and producer with enough savvy and skill to match his passion. He elevates the genre with heartfelt humble homage and enough neauveu nuance to strike an unforgettable power pose bang in the centre of the modern dancefloor.

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