New Music – Les Gold ‘Oh, Wolf’

The track starts already strutting through the forests of fairytales. That delicious little guitar riff has a swagger to it that reflects the bravado of the song’s subject. It is all shoulders and high knees as it marches to the page turning excitement of the drum shocks.

New Music – Ida Maria ‘Dirty Money’

Ida Maria sounds like the past tipsy beauty in the street, mascara smudged, cat calling fellas as they exit the bar. Bouncing from a drunken slur to surprisingly poetic moments of perfect clarity. Flipping the finger at those that wander over and those that walkaway alike.

New Music – Picnic Lightning ‘Pre-Pangea’

‘Pre-Pangea’ comes galloping in on frenetic guitar strums that evoke the hooves of the horsemen of the apocalypse. It’s pure raw raucousness oozing from the melted flesh caused by the very first chord and this bubbling primordial energy continues throughout its entirety.

New Music – Supertaste ‘Neon Prayer’

It’s synthy, it’s sexy, it’s supercharged with neon glow. New track ‘Neon Prayer’ by Supertaste is a gourmet serving, at just under 3 minutes it might still leave you hungry, but the presentation and stingy portion size is sure to get it rave reviews on the 5* eating circuit.