New Music – Milky Chance (Ft. Paulina Eisenberg)

Bouncy blues rhythm infused with enough of a funky strut that it boogies its way straight onto the dancefloor.

It begins with the jangling of some crisp chords slowly picking themselves together on top of the slow and steady stomp of its porch stoop hootenanny percussion.

Milky Chance have a clear respect and reverence for the genre that pulses with arterial force at the heart of their raucous revamped blues revival.

It is a passion soaked and soulful track that leans as much on the cuttingly sharp lyricism as the blood soaked vocal performance of guest songstress Paulina Eisenberg.

Lyrically it dissects the corpse of an old toxic relationship in restrospective autopsy. It is a song of isolation and betrayal, at odds with the more upbeat tone if manages to carry throughout.

Perhaps this is deliberately dissonant with the sparkling instrumentation representing new breath and a more positive tomorrow.

Sitting pretty in the middle of the track is a sumptuous solo that soars with the sugary sweet and enticing aroma, yet soulful bitter undertones that throb at the beautifully raw and pure heart of the track as a whole.

Milky Chance manage to make music with an abundance of youthful energy, creatively merging, mingling, and morphing genre, but also with the maturity, technique, and wisdom of a seasoned veteran.

They are one part plucky up and comer full of hunger and innovative ego, one part whiskey soaked, tobacco stained, grizzled God.

Words by Matt Miles.

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