New Music – Homeboy Sandman ‘Keep That Same Energy’

With the driving force of whitewater rapids Homeboy Sandman slaps down a cascading raw and pure energy summoned from some primal power.

It is both torrential speed and free fall slow. Tightly packed rhyme schemes that are spat with a vicious tenacity yet also a super cool easy breezy flow. The duality and legend of Homeboy Sandman‘s unique and inimicable style is alive and well.

The beat revolves with a waterwheels sureity of rhythm but soft selection of sound. There is a dizzying little flute dive that draws you into the hypnotic heady haze.

When the pulsing pounce of the bubbling bass hits it devours the listener whole, coming from left field with a blindside.

From the very first couplet of bars Homeboy Sandman is already flexing with a pen game, depth of meaning, intellect, and intricacy that few others are capable of. And it continues to build like moss on the boulder as the same energy grows barrelling bars down the track.

There is and can ever only be one Homeboy Sandman. The perfect proof of this is in the chorus where his unique accent, lackadaisical flow, and effortless cool combine and he rhymes “thorough” with “world”.

There can other be a handful of other MCs on the planet who can pull off that feat in earnest and not sound utterly foolish. If this infinite energy and Ying Yang flow is the one to keep, we couldn’t agree more.

The new album There In Spirit is out February 25th, get involved.

Words by Matt Miles.

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