New Music – Lover Lamp ‘Country Police’

Lover Lamp are ridiculous. Lover Lamp are radical. Lover Lamp are radiculous.

From the beginning of the track we knew we were in for a ride but the raucous and rowdy tale of rock’n’roll suppression and police brutality was more than even we bargained for. It went hell for leather from the outset and kept its stomping bad boy foot on the gas until the track exploded in a fiery blaze of glory.

What we’re trying to say is Lover Lamp‘s Country Police is a wild ride and we loved every fucking second. The band don’t take themselves too seriously and with that playfulness comes a clearly amazing scope for creativity. They have created a narrative that is as compelling as it is simple.

Quite honestly this might be some new kind of strange voodoo magic because when they claim this is the best song in the world, I’m very much inclined to agree with them. It’s fun, it’s zany, it’s batshit insaney, but at the heart of it is this thundering riff that just bores right into the core of you, grabs you by the spinal chord, and tickles at it until your forced to nod your head in unison.

Give the track a couple plays and I dare you to try to not sing along. You’ll likely explode if you do manage it, so be warned. The energy of this song is seriously infectious.

Lover Lamp I could compare thee to the B-52’s for your beautiful camp insanity, I could compare thee to Electric Six for your equal measure of comedy and rock god riffage, I could compare you to many things, but none would truly do you justice, because Lover Lamp is a rare and unique band that are dancing merrily on the pinhead between madness and greatness and right now every perfect pivot is captivating.

Below we’ll include the bands press release for the song which is better than anything we could write. Check it out and follow Lover Lamp on Facebook and Instagram.

Words by Matt Miles


Oh no! Dolly Pardon II (aka the prime-minister of rock n roll) has been arrested by the dastardly country police! Will Dolly be able to get away with simply a warning or will the country police lock him away for good?!

Dolly has needed to raise funds for a possible legal defence so together with Lover Lamp (the greatest band in history) they have written a song detailing the incident (which happens to be the greatest song in history)

But who is Dolly Pardon II? Dolly is simply the secret love-child of Aphrodite and Hades who made his way to Earth at the tender age of 42069 – armed with the knowledge that the way humans have been expressing love was entirely wrong – true love can only come from the power of great rock and roll.

Dolly formed Lover Lamp by employing the lost souls of the greatest musicians in history (Olivia Mutant John IIIDon Buddy Molly, The Famous Paris ThrilltonDingo Starr JrVan Horrorson Sr, and Steve). Lover Lamp aims to give the humans of Earth a brief glimpse of true love and happiness before their souls inevitably suffer in eternal damnation under the rule of Hades himself.”

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