New Music – Clifford ‘Party Like It’s Halloween’ Single Review

You can keep your Christmas number 1’s, spooky season needs it’s own theme and this deviant disco bop is a devilish little boogie that fits the bill.

Clifford is a Yack favourite having covered Quick Quick Slow’ and ‘Too Big Too Strong previously. This track continues the artists mission to mix, merge, and mingle multiple genres into a cohesive and captivating creature. This gruesome groove pounds heavy funk fuelled feet into a monstrous dancehall dance with each momentous movement leaving an aftershock that wiggles into the next.

It begins with the chorus in isolation with a tickling little vocal flex that provides a slight spooky tone. When the track hits there is a sufficiently horror theme in the wailing keys back up by a sweet trick or treat bass lick that drives the sonic assault throughout the rest of the song.

Lyrically it dives into the heart of the season with lines like “I’m scared, I’m petrified, yet at the same time I’m electrified”. It’s playful and incredibly charming, not taking itself too seriously either with cheeky vernacular like “OMG what’s in that tree” sitting pretty next to deeper more poetic lines that look into the festive fun of a good scare.

This is an artist that wears their bloody heart very clearly on their sleeve. The crimson liquid still dripping, every swaggering dance move splatters the audience with the arterial spray. Clifford has fun making music, and that infectious energy is impossible to ignore as you listen and like a marionette find it impossible to not start nodding your head, and tapping a toe in time.

This track genuinely embodies that same space that a good Christmas song does. It has a tongue in its cheek and a camp theatricality to it that nestles into the beautifully woven musical backdrop to create an atmosphere of fun and frivolity. It is easy to lose yourself in the soundscape that has enough meat on its bone to instantly identify it as the cadaverous shambling shuffle of a classic horror movie monster, but it has enough passionate heart to connect on a very human level.

Share this track with your friends, chuck it on your Halloween playlist, lets start a movement. Get this played wherever you can and lets start the music industry in a move towards a feirce competition for the coveted Halloween number 1. Clifford is a deserving catalyst for the first of it’s kind.

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