New Music – Clifford ‘Quick Quick Slow’

Clifford invites the listener in with an exotic and enticing Arabic flex on the guitar. It’s sexy, it’s sensual, it’s sumptuous, and it’s a sublime sound. This is pop that oozes and wiggles well beyond the borders of that rather tepid definition, it is red hot with a filthy rock’n’roll rhythm and an arousing intrigue drawn from its multi-cultural inspirations. Truly talented song writing that makes for an addictive little track.

The world has so much more to offer than the standard scale we are used to hearing in the western world. The Arabic influence announces itself from the very beginning of the song and it provides such an interesting draw that it makes the listener question why we aren’t hearing this cultural blending far more often than we do.

An accomplished songwriter Clifford builds the track expertly with a skilful attention to detail and production. The snap and shake of the percussion provides an seductive dance that wriggles underneath the fingers of the more deft and saucy instrumentation. The bass is a drone that pops in and out accentuating the rest of the soundscape only when necessary.

The guitar steals the show, it flips between three main refrains each dripping with arousing Arabic accentuation. The song lyrically smoulders with the flirtation of a new relationship and the strings play out this beautifully. It begins with an attractive chat-up line that instantly sparks attention. From there it continues to dive deeper and deeper into the original concept. In the middle there is a gorgeous little flourish that will ensure the listener cannot help but give in.

The vocals are incredibly strong and confident. Perfectly suited to crooning out a lusty little love song like this. Rather than bask it’s own sex appeal though the lyrics actually promise something a little more than some casual thing. Clifford wants to spend time in the moment, in the electricity of the anticipation.

Quick Quick Slow is a song that doesn’t want to take things too fast, it would rather draw you in and let a good thing last. As an introduction it’s expertly crafted and begs the listener to come back for more, if the full length offering has anywhere near this much appeal we can’t wait to wraps our ears around this luscious and lovely sound.

Words by Matt Miles

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