New Music – Moonchy & Tobias ‘Potio Medicata’ Single Review

Potio Medicata‘ saunters in with a spooky surreal sound that seems to be summoned from an ancient far away country or cosmos entirely.

It has an mechanical rythm that powers it through a hypnotic rotation. It is irresistably interesting and you quickly find yourself completely lost in the soundscape.

The vocals join with a bizzare belt that easily navigates through an ethereal range to deliver a spell like encantation. There is a throbbing bass line that wiggles underneath that grounds the airy vocals and draws you further into the frenzy.

The song has a unique and utterly enthrealling progression that evolves and provides a story that surpasses any and all language barriers.

The technicality of the music is mesmeric. It starts, stops, and stutters with an impressive skill that adds to the heady dizzying effect of the wizardry of sounds.

Moonchy & Tobias are a band that defy genre. They sound like the soundtrack to an 80s gore horror movie woven into a middle-eastern folk music medley.

This track has an enchanting appeal that lets the listener list lovingly in wave after wave of psychedelic ecstatic bliss.

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