Yack!’s Hot Picks – The Only Tracks You Need On Your Stereo This Week



This week our Hot Picks is headed up by old friends that you might remember from bands like Kilkovec, We Deny and 4 Days Out- but like a Phoenix from the ashes they are grouped together to create a super group of sorts and frankly is great to see them back making music.

This week we also have some stellar releases from Fur, who come through with their debut EP, Vistas, Clue Record’s GAWJUSS, FEET and Saltwater Sun. Check them all out below because they are after all the only tracks you need on your stereo this week.

Buds ‘Bigger Fish’


Vistas ‘Eighteen’




Fur ‘Fur’ EP


Gawjuss ‘Drive’



FEET ‘English Weather’



Saltwater Sun ‘Blood’



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