Yack! Tracks Of The Year 2018 // #8 Gus Dapperton ‘Prune, You Talk Funny’




Alright, so we know this track also came out as a single in 2017, BUT it was released as part of the ‘You Think You’re A Comic’ EP back in February so it makes the cut for tracks of the year. If you have ever read any of our articles you may have noticed we are pretty fond of young Gus Dapperton, having caught his headline show at The Courtyard Theatre early this year we knew he was going to be a serious one to watch. Thankfully we caught his set again at The Great Escape and once more Gus impressed with his devilish charm and his ability to make the entire audience swoon.



‘Prune, You Talk Funny’ pops it’s head up on our tracks of the year with it’s catchy hooks, jangly guitar work and it’s general upbeat nature. As with anything Gus Dapperton releases this track came complete with a captivating video that features Gus’ signature dance moves and style. It’s a synthed-out gem that stands at the top of Gus’ recent output and one that will continue to be a defining moment in Gus’ rapidly growing career.

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