Track Of The Day – Tranqua Lite ‘Hassle Heart’

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Tranqua Lite are the five piece art-rock group coming out of the fertile music scene in Leeds. There is a six date tour coming off the back of this new single with stops in Kingston, London, Manchester and Newcastle, so things are all beginning to take off for the young band. Tranqua Lite have already had high praise from Radio 6 Music and the art runs deeper than just the music with these guys.

New single ‘Hassle Heart’ is an intricate noodling little track, with upbeat energy and masterful songwriting coming right to the fore. Reminiscent of early Vampire Weekend with technical guitar lines and even more so with the subtle use of marimba. Playful production shoots vocals from ear to ear, and it really is the small details like this that make ‘Hassle Heart’ so utterly entertaining and interesting. At no juncture in this song do you expect to go in a certain direction, the rhythms and melodies bounce around and evolve throughout leaving Tranqua Lite with an absolute beauty of a track.

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