New Music – Floodhounds ‘Stepping Stone’

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Sheffield’s FloodHounds have been building an impressive selection of accolades since their inception. They have shared the stage with the the likes of The Blinders, Calva Louise, False Heads, BlackWaters, Avalanche Party and Demob Happy as well as a heap of praise online. All this leads to the inevitable release of their new EP due for release very, very soon.

‘Stepping Stone’ is a dark and melodic rock track, balls to the wall, gritty guitars lead the way on this. Truly walking in footsteps of bands like Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes and Demob Happy, Floodhounds bring more than just a raw edge to their music. The band come through with a superior knack for writing a catchy hook and immersing it into a darker soundscape – ‘Stepping Stone’ is nothing less than a showcase of the bands immense and dynamic songwriting ability. If the new material carries on the good work of ‘Stepping Stone’ we’ll be looking forward to this new EP with great excitement.

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