New Music – Jong SL ‘Paralyzed’

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Jong SL is a one man songwriter, composer, producer, and performer who moved to the US at a young age from South Korea. The interesting thing about Jong SL is that during this transformative period he felt like he had lost his identity, whilst understanding western and eastern culture, he doesn’t feel truly connected to either.  Jong SL states a wide range of contemporary influences  from John Mayer and Mac Demarco and now following on from his previous EP ‘Ice Cream’, the young artist presents latest single ‘Paralyzed’

With guitars that instantly give he feeling of the nineties, through No Doubt-esque riffs, it doesn’t taken long for Jong’s soft, hushed vocals to take centre stage. Using gorgeous harmonies on top of smooth and relaxed production the artist gives a real sense of the music that has influenced him. The beauty of ‘Paralyzed’ lays in its simplicity and its understated calming nature whilst still managing to carry an upbeat energy throughout.

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