Track Of The Day – Seatbelts ‘Content Crush’

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Wednesday’s Track Of The Day is taken from Seatbelts’ forthcoming EP, ‘Please Slow Down’ and new single ‘Content Crush’ is turning down a much brighter, bolder avenue for the band. Slow and groovy ‘Content Crush’ is a smooth jam that nods towards a tonne of influences throughout and even features a playful touch of brass instruments.

The lyrical content expands upon some if the themes James Madden and Ryan Murphy  have previously touched upon, Madden explains: “Ive been thinking about escapism, the value of experiences, how people find hope in the face of disillusionment. We live in a rapidly changing, progressively ‘weirder’ world – and it affects people.”

Hints of jazz, hints of art-pop, hints of that modern laid back indie vibe, ‘Content Crush, certainly showcases the multitude of musical genres that Seatbelts have built a strong foundation around. Emerging indie rock at it’s finest.

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