Track Of The Day – Ragmans Daughter ‘Sheeple’

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Ragmans Daughter have seen themselves moving through the gears pretty rapidly, an impressive move from a band that largely sticks to a real DIY aesthetic. From self-producing their records to directed and shooting all their music videos the band clearly want to hold on to the creative decisions that they find themselves in front of. Just their second release and already defining a strong sound with a range of clear influences, Ragmans Daughter offer us ‘Sheeple’

With everything from grunge to britpop, there is a little nugget of 90s rock for everyone to relate to. Melodically, Ragmans Daughter feels somewhere between Oasis and Weezer, where big anthemic choruses meet more dynamic vocal lines. Musically, there are the big walls of noise you would expect from Nirvana, and the guitar solo feels like it’s been taken straight off of ‘Nevermind’. There is so much to this track that we could listen to it 100 times and still not pick out every nuance, sometimes tracks like this get branded as a mis-mash of influences that don’t work together. Ragmans Daughter do the complete opposite, pulling together to creative a cohesive, nostalgic sound with deep layers and subtle hints of years past.


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