Track Of The Day – NIP ‘When The Lights Come On’




Having plied his trade in a number of punk bands on the London circuits, Nip now emerges on his owns terms pulling together 90s influence and his experiences of the big city. The new material is a far cry from the raucous punk you might expect, however beneath the surface of the latest single ‘When The Lights Come On’ there is still that DIY attitude. This is just Nip’s third release in as many months and looks set to build a strong base for future releases to capitalise upon.

‘When The Lights Come On’ is a hugely dynamic release, from its dulcet opening to its explosion of 90s rock choruses, inflections of staple bands such as The Clash and heavy alt rock infused middle-8s. It subtly changes direction at every corner and never leaves you on the same path for too long, showing the natural songwriting ability Nip possess.  There really is that gritty feeling about this track, from the vocal through to the lyrical content that tells a story of the trials and tribulations of inner city life, encompassed in hope and change and this washes over ‘When The Lights Come On’ giving the single its edge. There is far more than meets the eye with this one, listen again and again and you’ll continue to find new depths.

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