New Music – Driveaway ‘Sitcom’




Florida based four piece Driveaway released their latest single ‘Sitcom’ last week, their second release since the band’s 2017 full length debut ‘Lacuna’. Following the release the band went on a mission of self-discovery and with a few changes in the line-up they soon emerged with this new pop influenced pallet to work from. Describing the track the band say that is “the story of two people finding each other in a toxic environment, then escaping it together to find something better.” 

‘Sitcom’ is full of jangly guitars and 80s cop drama basslines that soak the whole track with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. The drums maintain interesting fills and hold the key to the band’s subtle energy. The choruses jump up and the vocals soar creating a sound reminiscent to that of The 1975 or Pale Waves, just playful, upbeat indie rock. ‘Sitcom’ is hella catchy, and if Driveaway continue to put out new music of this calibre it won’t be long before their name transcends the shores of the USA.

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