Track Of The Day – Mattress Food ‘Dumb Hearts’




Originally the project of singer songwriter Sami Rahman, Aussie band Mattress Food have blossomed into a fully formed, fully conscious indie group with something to prove. The new single ‘Dumb Heart’ is based around Rom Com films and is the first single from the band’s upcoming album – when this will be released is a mystery but you should be there when it comes along.

‘Dumb Heart’ is a mix of all things rock, with elements of alt,indie, pop punk, and more along the way, Mattress Food combine their wide ranging influences into a fairly unique sound. The vocal stands out with an East Coast tinge, whilst the guitars have a sound that is somewhere between between Yuck and more mainstream acts. There is a little something for everyone with ‘Dumb Heart’ it is a charming, upbeat and energetic rock track that is very easy on the ear.

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