Track Of The Day – HAVVK ‘If I Don’t Tell You’

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You may remember HAVVK’s last single from a little feature we did back in February. The latest single is more of the same from the much hyped artist, ‘If I Don’t Tell You’ once again comes through Veta Records and is the latest addition to a line of singles coming from the debut album ‘Cause & Effect’ out November 22nd.

HAVVK brings through more of the grunge influence we have seen in previous works, with brooding basslines creating a dark atmosphere for Julie Hawk’s sublime vocal to draw from. Intricate guitar lines gives a hint of a classic British indie vibe, but the arrangement speaks more towards the heavier influences on the track, creating a dynamic and intriguing piece of art. More stunning stuff from HAVVK and we cannot wait for the album to drop, even if it is eight moths away.

Speaking on the track HAVVK states “‘If I Don’t Tell You’ deals with our experience of trying to engage on a social and political level, in a space that often seems so preoccupied with extremes that there appears to be little room for genuine discussion and a lot of voices and lived experiences get lost in the noise.”

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